Futures Literacy Series

Collective Future and Speculative Futures LA presents the Futures Literacy series. The goal for the series is to explore how professionals and practitioners utilize futures practices in the world today. From strategic foresight to world building, featured guests will share tools, methodologies, and insights about working in applied futures. 

Participating Guests:

A Strategic Foresight Primer
Dave Roselle
, Strategic Designer at BCG DV
Have you ever wondered why it is so hard for organizations to think about the future? Dave Roselle, a futurist and strategic designer, will give a primer on strategic foresight to the speculative practitioners in the LA community. He will share the practice’s rich history aiding organizations to adopt proactive mindsets, leaving reactionary thinking in the past, as well as promising trends how it will driving impact today. As prepare for a post-COVID19 world, Dave believes this is needed more than ever.
May 14, 2020 | Video link

How to Apply Speculative Futures in Business
Jörgen van der Sloot
, Founder of Minkowski, Agency for Applied Futures
Speculative futures, foresight, scenario design and other futures thinking methodologies are practices that seem to be set far in the future. For that reason it appears as if they are not so easy to apply in businesses that seem to focus on the short term and mid term time horizons at best. But at Minkowski they've used this approach with many different companies for years. Founder of Minkowski, Jörgen will share their approach and how they apply futures thinking in their engagements with clients. He will show you what methods can help to bridge the gap between the far future and what businesses can activate today. June 30, 2020, 12pm PST Video link 

World Building in Gaming and Community Building 
Trisha Williams
, Pigeon Hole Productions
UPCOMING  July 17, 2020, 12pm PST

Design Fiction
Julian Bleecker, Near Future Laboratory 
August, Date TBD

Trend Forecasting
Lydia Caldana

Future Visioning & Stories of the Future
Ronni Kimm, Collective Future & Alexis Niki, StoryNova