Our Collective

We are like hearted with different minds. We believe great ideas come from radically new horizons and is the product of talented individuals working collectively. We work with people that are exceptional practitioners, experimenters, hyper-connectors, and big believers of creative serendipity. Individuals who have insatiable curiosity and that are comfortable with the unknown. As collaborators, advisors, clients, partners and friends, this is the company we keep.

Advisors, Strategic Partners, and Collaborators

Social Researcher, Content Writer
Principal, Axen Institute

Founder/Creative Strategist, Fruition.co
Dancer, Choreographer, Dean of Dance, CalArts
Creative/Art Director, Graphic Designer
Founder/Fashion Influencer, DORÉ

Chef, Storyteller, Hank and Bean
Co-founder, Room for Magic. Co-founder/Creative Director,Deem Journal
Co-founder/ Editorial Director, Deem Journal
Interaction Designer
Chef, Storyteller, Hank and Bean
Founder & Principal, VENT
Designer/Educator, UCLA Digital Media Arts
Robotics Expert/
Founder/CEO, Semio
Story Strategist & Narrative Coach, Story Nova
Architect, Anthropologist, Seeds & Growth
Founder & Executive Director, AI LA
Narrative Designer
AI Expert, Senior Data Scientist, Kinstry